Spin 'N' Win Game Rules & Regulations

1. You must be 21 years & above to participate, entries by individuals below the age 21 will be automatically disqualified.

2. Must have spent the stipulated amount related to each prize. (See below for stipulated amount to be spent, prizes & descriptions.

3. The store has the full right to decline or not give you the prize if you did not comply with rules 1 & 2 above.

4. You cannot combine more than 2 receipts within two weeks time frame together to make up the stipulated amount spent to claim a prize.

5. All receipts for previously purchased items before the commencement of the Spin & Win initiative cannot be used.

6. You must present your receipts(s) as proof of qualification to claim the your prize have won.

Yes, I have read and understand the Spin 'N' Win game participation rules & regulations. Click On The Button Below.

Prizes And Descriptions

Amount To Be Spent














Sutter Home

Carlos Rossi (W/R)


Gaze Wine

White Wine

The Big Kahuna


Corona Beer-1

Corona Beer-2

Mike’s Hard


6 Bottles 11 oz pack

1 Bottle (750ml)

1 Bottle

4 Bottles pack

1 Bottle

1 Bottle

See Details Below

12 Bottles 11 oz pack

6 Bottles 11 oz pack

12 Btls 11 oz pack

6 Btls 11.2 oz pack

***Big Kahuna Content: (Grand Prize) ***

(1) Heineken 12 Bottles 11oz

(2) Corona Beer 12 Bottles 11oz

(3) Carlos Rossi 2Bottles (Red & White)

(4) Gaze Wine 2 Packs

(5) Seagram 4 Bottles-2 Packs

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